MISS D & ME: The Reviews Are In

September 12, 2017

Miss D & Me is released today - but the first reviews are already in, and they’re raves:


“I read this book in one day – a must read for all Bette Davis Fans”  -- MARCIE BIANCO, VANITY FAIR


"A delightful new book by Davis’ one-time assistant, who recounts untold tales from the Oscar-winning actress’ free-wheeling final years,” - THE DAILY NEWS 


"Poignant with touches of humor, "Miss D & Me" is a fitting fade-out for an actress who made it look easy to stay tough." - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


"None of us knew or loved Bette Davis during her later years more than Kathryn Sermak. This is a wonderful book about one of the greatest women I ever knew--and one of the greatest actresses who gave us all so very, very much. You'll enjoy this read and realize what a truly great woman Bette Davis was--and an inspiration to women of all ages." - ROBERT WAGNER


"What a great insight into the last chapters of an Extraordinary woman's life. Kathryn Sermak tells it like it was: with candor and style--certainly the Bette Davis I was fortunate enough to know!"― GREG GORMAN, CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER


Fascinating and poignant memoir —  AMAZON REVIEWER


I devoured every page – JAMES MORRIS



Buy MISS D & ME: Life with the Invincible Bette Davis HERE. 




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