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A number of items once belonging to Miss D were up for auction with a portion of the proceeds going to the Bette Davis Foundation. Not surprisingly, everything that once belonged to Bette Davis has a story behind it. Click on each item below to see my personal remembrances.

The Bette Davis Foundation was established in 1997 by her son Michael Merrill and me as a way to keep her spirit alive.  The foundation awards scholarships to outstanding college drama students who demonstrate the respect for their craft that Miss Davis saw as vital to excellence.  The foundation also fosters women actresses through the Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Awards, presented an actress whose work exemplifies the high standards Miss Davis set. Past recipients include Meryl Streep, Prince Albert II, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. Find out more about the Foundation here.


The famous Beverly Hills suit designer David Hayes made Miss D this outfit especially to arrive in Spain for the Donostia Award. She loved the style and the especially chose the elegant buttons with Mr. Hayes.


Miss D always said the Jumbo Happy Wanderer Hummel reminded her of our 1985 motor trip from Biarritz to Paris.  She felt free like a Happy Wanderer.


Miss D often wore the diamond cat broach pin when going out for dinner. She was superstitious and always believed it brought her good luck like the other broaches she adored.


The ceramic Pekingese dog was always on the living room mantle piece. She would place a flower in the green bud vase by her bed side, sometimes roses but only 1 or 3. The candle reading BD86 was the Christmas gift she gave to all her personal friends that year.  When lit - it gave a beautiful glow and the star on the outside would shine.


Miss D always called this black silk blouse the Valention. She wore it often. It’s seen in her BBC Documentary: Bette Davis - The Benevolent Volcano and she is wearing it in the post card photo taken by Roddy McDowall with Miss D holding a pillow with the saying: Old Age Ain’t No Place For Sissies.  


Pam Am, which no longer exists, was one of the great airlines we travelled on. Miss D always loved the big seats and cocktail lounge.


Miss D adored going to Magic Castle with friends.  She loved trying to figure out the tricks. My first time going was with Miss D and Robert Osborne. We had so much fun and Miss D sang a song with the mystery piano. The people loved it and that’s when they made her a life time member of their exclusive club.

The MCI card was for international calling and she always travelled with it. She felt independent and it wouldn’t be put on a bill for all to see.


My parents had a photography / gift shop and introduced Miss D to the Hummel world. My parents always gave her Hummels and she really came to love them.

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