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Easter 1983 | The Rabbit

April, 1983. On Easter Sunday I decided to surprise Miss D with a baby rabbit. Before she awoke that morning, I snuck the rabbit into her room. Of course it immediately darted under her bed and I had to shoo him out without waking her. At any moment she was going to wake up, see the rabbit and let out a bloodcurdling yell!

At first she didn’t even notice him. When she did, she sat up in bed and very calmly said, “What’s that over in the corner?” The rabbit wouldn’t move. He was so still he didn’t look real. Then he flopped his ears. I slowly turned and looked at Miss D sitting up in bed, staring at this rabbit in her bedroom... and all I could see were those Bette Davis Eyes.

She named him Mr. Brier.

She adored Mr. Brier. Unfortunately, with her busy film schedule and the amount of traveling we did, we were forced to give him away. Luckily, we found him a great home! Wishing you all a Happy Easter and Passover. - Kath

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