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To Fans of Miss Davis

May I first say thank you to all Miss Davis’ friends and fans who came to Book Soup last Saturday to celebrate the publication of MISS D & ME: Life with the Invincible Bette Davis. Many of you brought personal photos you had taken with or of Miss D, some of you even had photos from her book signing for This ’N That. I was so amazed by and understood your love for Miss D - that one of you had so adored her that you proudly tattooed her All About Eve face all the way up on your arm!

You were all so patient in waiting to have your books signed and we apologize that some of you had to wait so long. We were overcome by the comments of those who had already read the book. A few of you said that you had read the book twice, and many more of you told me how you had read it in one day. These kinds of compliments were so endearing and your love for Miss D was so prevalent.

Thank you.

Nicole Xavier won the raffle we conducted, one ticket for each book purchased at the store. She won this shadow box containing one of Miss D's scarves, a favorite pair of earrings, and a first cover of her postage stamp. We learned that Nicole Xavier is an aspiring actress and we hope that these items of Miss D's bring her luck!

The next book signing is September 26 at Book Passage in San Francisco, and we have even more scheduled after that (more information on those events here). Thank you for the years of support you’ve given Miss D, and for the support you have given me and my book.

With my love and gratitude - Kath.

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