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Miss D & Me (and all of you)

Yesterday, I was not planning on going to Forest Lawn Cemetery to see Miss D as I had just been there over Easter - but I decided to go at the last minute. I went and bought an assortment of flowers. Gardenias were her favorite. When I arrived, I noticed a family standing by Miss D's sarcophagus. These lovely people traveled to California from Wales and, also at the last minute, changed their plans to pay tribute to Miss D on her birthday. There we were together on a beautiful day, flowers in hand, the energy of Miss D all around us. It was wonderful to talk with them and I was further thrilled to learn that they bought and read Miss D & Me.

I dedicated Miss D & Me to both Miss D and her fans because Miss D always appreciated all of you, all over the world. I was reminded of your enthusiasm and importance yesterday on the 110th anniversary of her birth. You shared your favorite memories of her - her films, her lines, how her performances helped you through a tough time or brought you great joy, how she helped formulate great memories of time spent with loved ones. Movies can be so powerful and intimate and I am thrilled that future generations will come to know and love the great Bette Davis because of people like you.

Happy Birthday, Miss D.

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