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Christmas with Bette Davis

Merry Christmas! Not surprisingly, Miss D loved the holidays. She would always get a fresh tree and we would have countless hours of fun decorating the entire house. Even if we were staying in a hotel due to filming - she always made it festive and filled every space with Christmas spirit.

Christmas cards were sent to family and friends (I think I still have the list somewhere!) and she would send personal gifts to family members. The year This N That was published she sent wooden inlaid boxes with the title on them and her initials.

Like so many of us still do - she made gingerbread houses (and for an extra treat she bought English Christmas Pudding from Harrods in London). She hanged stockings. She listened to Bing Crosby. She wore a Santa hat. And she would always wear a New England red, black and green flannel shirt.

I am still in awe of her enthusiasm around the holidays and try to replicate her spirit today. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.


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