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Miss Bette Davis (& Me) at Tower Records

In 1983, Miss D accepted an invitation to autograph her album at Tower Records in Los Angeles. The event was scheduled for Saturday, February 12 and would last from three to six in the afternoon. Both of us thought it would be a nice, quiet event. She would sign a few albums and that would be that. When we arrived at Tower Records, the line of people stretched completely around the block. Some of the people in line claimed they had spent the night so they would be sure to get in. We were shocked. Completely around the block! Miss D had never seen or heard of anything like that before. She decided then she'd stay and signed autographs until the store ran out of records. She was so deeply touched by the love and loyalty of her fans. Needless to say, we stayed way past dark, and way past six. Young people, old people, even actor friends came for an autographed album. For weeks afterward she even received albums in the mail, to be signed for people who had been turned away at the door.

If I learned anything from this experience, it was how much Miss D really meant to her fans - and how much her fans meant to her. I still smile when I think of that moment we arrived at the store, seeing that endless line of people who wanted to see and meet Miss D. I will always cherish that afternoon at Tower Records. If you were there, please write in and tell me about it. I’d love to hear your memories of Miss D!

A page from my scrapbook about Miss D's appearance at Tower Records.

My handwritten caption reads - "What a success! People even camped out the night before!"


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