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Q+A with Kathryn Sermak about Tyler Henry

A Q+A with Kathryn Sermak about her appearance on the new Netflix series Life After Death with Tyler Henry.

How did you end up talking to Tyler?

My friend Constantinos stopped by for me to sign a few copies of Miss D & Me for his friends. We were in my dining room and he looked at my table, which belonged to Miss D, and he saw the tabletop engraved with “Bette and Sherry, 1949.” He said, “Oh, my gosh… I forgot to tell you - I was chosen to be on the new Netflix show Life After Death with Tyler Henry!” He explained to me that Tyler was a gifted medium and although he was only allowed to bring one guest, he spoke with the producers and was able to bring another guest and if I would join him.

At first I said no need. Miss D is all around me and I didn’t want to take up time for someone else who really needed to connect.

Then he mentioned the book. "What if she’s trying to help you?" The moment he said that - I instinctively felt her.

I said, “Let’s put it out to the universe and if it’s to happen…so be it.” Of course, I had my stipulation…that they must not be given my name…etc. and they weren’t. Three days later I found myself at Venice Beach meeting Tyler. Let me tell you, he is amazing!

How did you feel when Tyler mentioned the name “Ruth”?

I knew Miss D was going to come through. That’s the whole reason why I went on the show. She was so incredibly smart and always had a sixth sense. She always told me, "one must trust their instincts." And our book really is the result of a promise I made her all those years ago – to tell the story of our friendship. At its core it’s a story of how the youth can learn from the old - and vice versa.

As for Ruth, I think that was all Miss D keeping 'em guessing and she probably had a ball with it...

Do you feel like it was Miss D talking to Tyler?

I don’t know how all that works… what I will say is he was spot on with the things he picked up. I believe Miss D wanted to give our book more coverage and I did feel her with me just as much when I was writing it.

Overall, are you glad you had the experience?

I am forever grateful to Tyler. At that time, I was facing a dilemma… do I continue fighting to get this book made into a film or just let it go? It’s been five years since the publication… there was one production company who loved it but then COVID hit. Like so many projects in development, we were stopped.

Tyler told me not to give up. It will happen and she’s there to make it happen.

And one last thing…to those who are skeptics - of which I am usually one until proven otherwise - what you don’t see in our episode is that Tyler mentioned my mother. He knew I had 3 sisters and a brother. And he told me something about her passing that only my brother and sisters would know.

I felt it and sometimes feeling is all we need.


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